Blog Resources

This page will give you information on blogging resources I used and personally recommend.

This has been on my mind and now I realize that I need to make this page to help you also.

I’m not gonna fluff or talk big but this is truly genuine based on my experience and I’m sure it will provide a solution for you.

But again, in the end, you will be the one that decides what’s best for you!

This page may contain affiliate links, which means I earn a commission when you sign up through my link (at no additional cost to you). I only promote products or services that I personally love or from companies I trust. Read my full Disclosure Policy.


1. Siteground: Website/ blog hosting to help you monetize your blog. I use Siteground and I recommend it. You can buy a domain and host at Siteground with a plan starting from $ 3.95 per month and 60% off from your first invoice!

blogging resources
blogging resources

2. Convert Kit: This is an email marketing service that can help you to track how your readers and subscribers respond. What most popular from this service is super easy tagging where you can apply more precise marketing to each tag.  Click HERE to try ConvertKit free for 14 days!

3. Interact: Tired of not converting leads? Why not try with Quiz?  Build your email list FAST with this quiz builder. This software is hands down the easiest way to build a quiz online because it has email integration. This quiz builder integrates with everything from Infusionsoft to ConvertKit and allows you to set up your first quiz within minutes. They even have templates you can choose from based on your preference. Learn more HERE.

4. Tailwind: Tailwind is a Scheduler for Pinterest and Instagram. I used this to organize my pins and also pinning to Tailwind Tribes that help me gain traffic from 271 to 1.300 monthly page views!

If you’re trying to grow your reach on Pinterest or Instagram, you need to try Tailwind. Tailwind makes pinning schedule so easy, finding hashtags for your pin and monitor your Pinterest account’s performance.

You even can see how your pin performs! Use this free trial to try Tailwind and get your first 100 pins (and/or Instagram posts) all for free!

5. PicMonkey: This is by far my favorite tool to edit my image on my blog. It’s super easy to use and has lots of templates to choose from if you need a guide.

You can try PicMonkey for free but if you pay for a subscription, you’ll get their storage service (hub) to save all of your draft’s image. You can also make a professional logo with it, don’t believe me? Check out my tutorial HERE.

6. RecurPost: Recurpost is a scheduling tool for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.  What they offer is so great because you can put a schedule for each account and then they will loop it until you stop it.

Same as Boardbooster but it’s on Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t have enough time like me. This scheduling tool will save you tons of time! Try Recurpost for FREE with 3 social accounts and 100 posts to schedule!

9. Media.Net: A lot of bloggers were comparing and Google AdSense. I say Media.Net is a great option besides Google AdSense and if you get rejected by Google AdSense, you definitely need to try Media.Net.

Media.Net offers contextual ads so it will be good if your website is full of articles. I personally love Media.Net because as a newbie blogger, you’ll be able to monetize your blog besides using Google AdSense and what’s cool is you get to work with an account manager that’ll help you manage your ads and ad revenue for your blog. Join Media.Net to help you earn money from your blog.

10. Shareasale: This is my favorite affiliate network to use. They have a huge network of affiliates to work with for every niche. It’s super easy to track your link performance so you’ll know which affiliate network is popular to see and you can promote it more.

11. Viglink: Viglink has the same to offer like Shareasale but what’s cool is Viglink converts your normal outgoing links into affiliate links, and if users make a purchase, you earn a referral commission from it.

And the best part is that you don’t need to be signed up for an individual affiliate account on all networks. Viglink tracking takes care of all of them! Sign up to Viglink to help you earn more through your blog.

12. Jaaxy: Jaaxy is a keyword tool planner that can help you improved your SEO game. You just need to search for a keyword and Jaaxy will tell you which keyword that performs well and you can brainstorm a good long-tail keyword to help you improved your rank on Google. Check out Jaaxy and get 30 FREE keyword searches as a trial! If you want a lifetime free option, you can try UberSuggest. It has the same feature as Jaaxy but simpler and easy to use.


1. Airbnb: My preferred way to travel is to stay in short-term rental vacation homes/apartments/rooms such as Airbnb (this will give you a $34 Airbnb coupon code for your first book).  I stay in apartments when I travel to Singapore, Japan, and Jakarta because it’s cheaper than a hotel, plus you can experience how local lives. If you want to save more money on your travel then Airbnb is a great choice for that.

2. Klook: Klook is my go-to website to find great prices on attractions every time I went to travel. They also offer a great range of services such as renting cars, renting a wifi router, buying a sim card, and many more. Sign up through my link and get a $ 3.2 discount for signing up!

3. $5 Meal Plan:  Join a $5 Meal Plan in order to help you eat at home more and cut on your food spending. It’s only $5 a month and you get meal plans including breakfast, lunch, dinner or sometimes even snacks sent straight to you along with the exact shopping list you need in order to create the meals.


So many plugins that WordPress could integrate with but I will only tell you the essential that I used and recommend you to use it also. These are my favorite plugins that I consider essential to my blog!

1. SumoMe: SumoMe offers FREE and PAID tools for signing up forms and social sharing options. You can put sign up form on the top bar of your blog or pop up form and the social sharing options help you to put a floating social media share button, before and after post, and on your image. You can pay to get more options for your bar and social sharing button but also since I don’t mind, I just use the FREE option!

2. Social Warfare: Social Warfare also offering a social sharing button. I used this one for the click to tweet option and before after post. You can definitely use the FREE version without having to pay a lot.

2. jQuery Pin It Button: You can use this to put a custom pin it button on every image. It is super easy, design your image in PicMonkey with a size of 133×26 pixels (this size good for 800×1400 image size so someone will notice when he/she hovers the image) and then upload it! That is it, you get super cute and custom pin it buttons!

3. W3 Total Cache: Do you ever try to load a website, and close it if its loading time is far too long? This plugin will help you to slow your loading time. You should not be losing potential readers because of your website loading time is slow.

4. Yoast SEO: This is a must for you to install! Because it will help you to improve your SEO. Follow the SEO rules from Yoast SEO and it could guarantee in the long run and who knows your blog could rank high on Google.

5. ThirstyAffiliates: This FREE plugin turns your long, ugly affiliate or referral links into good ones! No more sticky notes because you can see your link all organized!


1. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: I’ve learned a lot through this course and I recommended for a newbie or seasoned blogger to take this course if you want to up your affiliate marketing game. Learning affiliate marketing can be so overwhelming when you don’t have any guidelines especially for a newbie, that’s why this course can provide you. If you want to know what I have to say about this course, you can read my review post HERE.