12 Chic Sewing Projects for Fall and Winter

Fall is here and winter is coming.

I always think that finding clothes that fits perfectly can be difficult to find. I’d prefer finding a needle in a haystack, if you ask me!

Since I’ve always a fan of sewing, today I want to share with you these 12 gorgeous sewing projects that you can try for Fall or Winter.

Being a summer girl, I always dread the coming of winter. I would pile up a couple of clothes to keep me warm and most of the time it does not look stylish (yep, that’s me).

I don’t know about you but as I’m getting older, I do realize that my style changed from trend follower to keep it simple and modest.

When I was in my twenties, I could buy all the clothes that are trendy but nowadays I don’t know if I can fit into it, especially when I’m purchasing online

You can search for clothes endlessly at Macy’s but you will never find a style or size that suits you (been there, done that!).

So, why not try sewing your own clothes? And finally find the Holy Grail: Be able to wear stuff that you actually like and suits you!

Below are the 12 beautiful sewing projects that are simple and can be used for Fall and Winter

Or you can also use them every other day, which is why I call it chic (for all occasions).

#1 Plaid Flannel Fall Tote Bag

It seems like plaid flannel is always trendy during the Fall season.

What about starting with sewing this trendy plaid flannel tote bag with faux leather, for a modern and classic look this Fall.

Courtesy of Anne, this project is totally worth it.

Follow the tutorial here.

easy sewing projects for fall and winter

#2 Simple Stripe dress

My next sewing project is a DIY simple stripe dress, that is easy to make.

It is a perfect starting project for the sewing newbie.

The dress can be combined with leggings or jeans and a jean jacket will compliment everything nicely.

DIY Tutorial here.

simple dress for fall with leggings

#3 Button front midi skirt

Okay, I know you will scream in disbelief that this skirt is for Summer (based on the blog post)!

But bear with me… You can make it with thicker fabric with a red and black checkered pattern and combine it with a stocking and voila! You get yourself a cute skirt for work or hangout.

Full tutorial here.

#4 Cowl Neck Top

If you’re looking for a gorgeous looking top, check out this sewing project from Jamie.

This cowl neck top is lovely and it can be worn on or off the shoulder, depending on your mood.

Loving this so much!

Follow the tutorial here.

sewing projects for beginners

#5 Sapporo Coat

This Sapporo coat is stunning with its cocoon silhouette and angled seaming.

Since it is cold, you can opt for the heavy wool to keep you warm.

You can buy the papercut patterns and start this beautiful project asap!

Purchase your pattern here.

easy sewing projects for christmas

A good use for me is to let me go away with my sewing machine and come back with some really new stuff. – Betsey Johnson

#6 High-Low T-Shirt

This high-low t-shirt sewing project sure looks nice to wear during Fall.

I love that the lower part at the back covers because I actually don’t like to show a lot of my bums. 😛 

Full tutorial here.

sewing projects for beginners

#7 DIY Midi Circle Skirt

What about trying this DIY Midi Circle Skirt sewing project and create a fun, bright skirt for this Fall.

This electric blue color is eye-pleasing and will surely turn heads around.

DIY tutorial here.

sewing projects for beginners

#8 Lace-Up Sweatshirt Refashion

This sewing project is all about a sweatshirt but with the addition of a more trendy lace-up.

This basic idea with a twist makes for a lovely, comfy and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Full tutorial here.

sewing projects for beginners

#9 DIY Infinity Scarf

Another sewing idea using plaid flannel is this DIY Infinity scarf, which is super convenient and won’t fly away if there’s wind.

The flannel will keep you warm during your stroll outdoors while displaying your chic style.

Follow the tutorial here.

easy sewing projects for fall and winter

#10 Shirred Wide Leg Pants

This shirred wide-leg pants will keep an elegant (and comfy) look to your style.

Although the shirring process may look daunting, follow the step by step instructions from Geneva to make for an easier project.

DIY Tutorial here.

easy sewing projects for fall and winter

#11 Everyday Chic Dress

I always love a classic look this dress gives you! With the right necklace, this could be a fancy looking dress for dinner or work!

Purchase the pattern here.

easy sewing projects for christmas

#12 Draped Shawl Cardigan

Like I said before I love to pile up some clothes, even though I know that this cardigan is best for spring.

You can pile it up with a jacket and belt and it looks very stylish!

DIY Tutorial here.

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