33 Brilliant Apartment Organization Ideas To Share

Apartment Organization Ideas: KITCHEN

My second most favorite place to be in my home is the kitchen.

Here, I let my creative juice flowing and imagine what new recipes I wanna try or what cookies to bake to eat and share with my hubby in front of tonight’s late show.

The following small apartment kitchen ideas will assist you in organizing all your ingredients and utensils in a safe and orderly fashion.

#8 Adding IKEA Raskog to store all your cooking ingredients. Makes cooking easier!

33 Brilliant Small Apartment Organization Ideas

#9 create more space with this side cabinet. It’ll be useful!

33 Brilliant Small Apartment Organization Ideas

#10 Adding floating shelves like this as your coffee station. Neat and practical.

#11 Don’t have space in your kitchen counter for your favorite knives? Why not store them like this.

#12 Try using floating shelves and wall rails like these to store everything you need for cooking.

#13 There is no limit to using wall rails like this one. It is efficient and creates more space.

#14 Another item you can use to store your pans and stuff is pegboard!

#15 Use wired shelves to help organize your small kitchen.

#16 Hang a 2-tiered wire basket to organize some of your cutting board and kitchen towels.

#17 Use bags and not boxes/bottles to store your spices. Save space and convenience.

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One thought on “33 Brilliant Apartment Organization Ideas To Share

  • I love your thoughts on putting up large mirrors to really help space feel even bigger. My sister is thinking about getting a new apartment that is going to be a little smaller. She needs to learn how to organize properly so that all her belongings fit.

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