33 Brilliant Apartment Organization Ideas To Share

If there is one thing I wished I could have, it is to have a larger living space for me and my hubby.

We already have stuff piling up, which were either junks or from shopping spree done during our travels. And you know that feeling of keeping this or that, ‘just in case’ we need it? 

Nope, we never found the ‘just in case’ opportunity to find its usefulness.

Don’t get me starting with my hubby always clinging to old things, just for the nostalgia of his younger days.

So, before the year-end, it’s best to get rid of the unwanted stuff, be creative and keep your apartment feel spacious and efficient while not feeling cluttered.

I want to share with you a list of my favorite tips and ideas for apartment organization, that will help you save space and feel comfier at home.

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Apartment Organization Ideas: LIVING ROOM

Let’s start with the main room where my hubby and I hang out the most: the living room!

First and foremost, I prefer the living room to feel open and free, while using shelves and other storage tricks to make the room spacious.

I will share some creative small apartment storage ideas to have a good balance between open and closed storage, to keep everything tidy.

Other clever small apartment living room ideas will make use of every inch of space available to help you in your quest for spaciousness.

#1 Why not put shelves in the corner of your living room to store books, frames or decorations.

33 Brilliant Small Apartment Organization Ideas

#2 Install shelves on top of your living room sofas

33 Brilliant Small Apartment Organization Ideas

source here

#3 Large mirrors to create illusions of a larger space

33 Brilliant Small Apartment Organization Ideas

source here

#4 Sliding doors to separate rooms but also create more space when you close it.

33 Brilliant Small Apartment Organization Ideas

#5 Create your own crate table to store magazines or more books!

DIY tutorial here

#6 Use bookshelves to separate your living room and bedroom

source here

#7 Not enough space for a coffee table? Make your own sofa table!

DIY tutorial here

One thought on “33 Brilliant Apartment Organization Ideas To Share

  • I love your thoughts on putting up large mirrors to really help space feel even bigger. My sister is thinking about getting a new apartment that is going to be a little smaller. She needs to learn how to organize properly so that all her belongings fit.

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