15 DIY Bath Recipes You Can Make In No Time

There’s not much more relaxing than a nice hot bath or shower during the cold season. It will be more special if you use magical bath products such as these 15 DIY Bath Recipes You Can Make In No Time.

Why go the pricey way if you can make these bath recipes by yourself? It is easy to make and the ingredients are not expensive. Perfect if you are on a budget as teens or adults.

These DIY bath products can be made as homemade gifts for your families or friends on Christmas. You can also sell it for an extra money.

Other DIY projects you can sell or give as gifts:

Let’s check out what you can make.

#1 DIY Unicorn Sugar Scrub

An awesome DIY homemade gift idea for friends, family, and teachers. Whip up a batch of DIY Unicorn Sugar Scrub in under 10 minutes with this quick and easy sugar scrub recipe! Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#2 DIY Mermaid Sugar Scrub

For a Christmas-inspired gift idea, try these DIY mermaid sugar scrub. This would be a great gift idea for your families or friends. You can whip up a huge batch in no time plus they are so cheap & easy to make. Yet, it is a unique and thoughtful gift. We are all in need of a little stress relief during the holiday season after all.

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#3 DIY Marvelous Unicorn Sugar Scrub Recipe

This DIY Marvelous Unicorn Sugar Scrub is perfect for anyone who just can’t get enough of those mythical creatures. Take a break from the daily routine with a DIY body scrub that is both pampering and full of enchantment.

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#4 DIY Geode Bath Bombs

Follow this step by step tutorial to make your own geode bath bombs inspired by those gorgeous crystal rocks! You won’t believe how easy it is!

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#5 DIY Amethyst Soap Gems

Who knows that these DIY Amethyst Soap Gems is not REAL gems? Make one of these as a wedding or birthday’s favor. Or give as gifts to Gem’s lovers, they definitely would appreciate it!

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#6 DIY Gemstone Soap

If you have a friend or family member who loves pretty soaps, then this quick DIY gemstone soap would be the perfect gift for Christmas. Even I want to have one of these on my bathroom counter.

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#7 DIY Sparkling Bath Salts

These DIY sparkling bath salts are not only quick to make but also a cost-effective bath recipe. Have yourself a relaxing and magical bath with these gorgeous rocks!

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#8 DIY Galaxy Soap

Even though galaxy theme is not that popular. You can still enjoy it for yourself. Make this glittery DIY Galaxy Soap and get the best magical bath of your life!

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#9 DIY Mermaid Silk Shampoo Bars

Who knows that you can actually make your own shampoo bars? Even though Lush already sells these bars. You wouldn’t need to buy one because you can actually make this.

These DIY mermaid silk shampoo bars would make you feel like a mermaid when you wash your hair!

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#10 DIY Unicorn Poop Bath Bomb

You’ll get a fizzy, colorful time with these scented Unicorn Poop Bath Bombs for a magical bath time experience. Plus the kids will love these!

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#11 Ombre Mermaid Soap

With ombre aqua blue layers and plenty of sparkles, this ombre mermaid soap is fit for a mermaid. Combine all the mermaid bath products you can make and give it to your favorite mermaid friend as a gift!

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#12 DIY Unicorn Soap

This DIY unicorn soap from A Kailo Chic Life blog would be a super fun weekend DIY project to do! Plus it’s full of colors and star sprinkles!

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#13 DIY Mini Mermaid Shower Jellies

Wouldn’t it be cute when you make a bunch of these DIY mini mermaid shower jellies? You can wrap it as a favor for your kids birthday’s party? I’m sure the kids can’t wait to use these to bath!

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#14 DIY Bath Jellies

Okay, you might freak out when you use bath jellies because of the feel of it. But who doesn’t like some magical time with these glittery DIY bath jellies?

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

#15 Handmade Unicorn Whipped Soap

These homemade unicorn whipped soap look cute enough that you want to eat it, but please don’t. Instead, save them for your next spa night and treat yourself. They are absolutely adorable. So much so, that I want to display them in my bathroom.

Easy DIY Magical Bath Recipes

Which of these DIY bath bombs was your favorite? Share your thoughts and leave a comment down below.

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Beautiful DIY Bath Recipes

Beautiful DIY Bath Recipes

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