12 Gorgeous Bullet Journal Calendar Ideas

We all know how bullet journaling helps us so far in organizing our daily tasks and to-do lists. This time I want to share some of the best calendar templates that you can copy right away!

Some of the layouts are easy to follow and some could be the inspirations to make your own design!

Previously, I have shared monthly cover pages which you can read here. It has a lot of good design that’ll inspire you and I hope it will spark your creativity and make your bullet journal beautiful!

Now that we’re approaching the end of the year 2019, I thought it’s good timing to share some simple and cool ideas that we can apply to our bullet journal. 

Let’s make our bullet journal pretty with a hint of love and a dash of style!

#1 January

As January is the beginning of the year, why not make a cool silhouette of the sun shining behind the mountains?

This marks a new chapter of your life anyways.

Gorgeous Bullet Journal Calendar Ideas To Copy


#2 February

It is the month of love but you don’t have to make a heart/love-related layout for your bullet journal.

Making something simple with pink flowers is a great template!

Gorgeous Bullet Journal Calendar Ideas To Copy


#3 March

Who doesn’t love green lush plants?

Green has always been described as the color of life, harmony, and energy.

Keep your March lively!

Gorgeous Bullet Journal Calendar Ideas To Copy


#4 April

Buzz Buzz. 

Nothing says hard work than seeing hard-working bees at work.

Make the best out of your April with hard work and dedication.

What a bee-utiful Calendar idea!

Gorgeous Bullet Journal Calendar Ideas To Copy


#5 May

This bullet journal calendar layout is the coolest EVER!

Even though it’s black and white, it’s still looking pretty with the combination of the anagram, flowers, and leaves.

One great idea you can add is to make this as your coloring template!

Gorgeous Bullet Journal Calendar Ideas To Copy


#6 June

Love a simple design? Try this calendar template.

Perfect for a minimalist bullet journal design but with an elegant touch!

Gorgeous Bullet Journal Calendar Ideas To Copy


#7 July 

Summer is here! Yellow color and lemons always represent Summer for me.

When I think about it, always makes me feel refresh somehow.

A huge splash of yellow and green color like this layout is perfect to welcome the Summer season!


#8 August

The Summer celebration would not be complete without some yellow tropical fruits.

This tropical calendar idea makes it so exotic and full of sweet freshness!

Gorgeous Bullet Journal Calendar Ideas To Copy


#9 September

A floral journal idea is so cute with the gentle flower colors popping out.

Such a gorgeous way to celebrate the start of Fall.

Gorgeous Bullet Journal Calendar Ideas To Copy


#10 October

As Fall carries on, the leaves keep falling. Meow.

Huh? The kitty loves to play with the pile of leaves.

Such a cute design with its pretty sticker effect!


#11 November

A whiff of watercolor here. A splash there.

And this stunning looking galaxy theme will inspire you every day.

I absolutely love it!


#12 December

Ahh, my favorite time of the year!

I imagine myself in my house, in front of the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa while it’s snowing outside.

This gorgeous theme of house on the snow hill is perfect for the festive season.


I hope all of this bullet journal template can inspire you on your 2020 journey! Making each month calendar template special can help a lot on your bullet journal journey. You won’t get bored and keep on journaling.

What do you think about these ideas? Share your thought in the comment below or let me know what other topics, you’ll enjoy reading.

See ya 🙂

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