12 Amazing Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

Although I’m not a clean freak, I always want to look for better organization ideas for every room in my house, especially the kitchen.

Having a clean and organized kitchen definitely eases your tasks in the kitchen much better than a cluttered one.

Today, I’m going to share you some tips on how to organize the space under your sink.

Sometimes, you just need to have all of the cleaning stuff near the sink if you need to clean up the sink or dish plates.

I always prefer having everything under the sink so that when I need it, I just reach underneath and voila! Less hassle and save time!

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#1 Use a tension rod and storage containers to organize your cleaning solutions and kitchen towels

I love this idea! It’s super genius because I always think that tension rod always belongs in the bathroom.

Check out the full tutorial via The Organized Housewife.

kitchen sink organization ideas

#2 Use a sliding rack

Using a sliding rack help you to reach the cleaning solutions much better via Iron and Twine.

kitchen sink organization ideas

#3 Use a lazy susan tray

Truth to be told, I have no idea about the lazy susan tray until I saw this picture.

You can read the full article via Kelley Nan for essential stuff to put under your sink with lazy susan tray and baskets with a pull-out handle.

kitchen sink organization ideas

#4 Put together a sliding trash bin with your cleaning stuff

You can install a pull-out trash bin like this if you have a small space and need to optimize the space under your sink via Better Homes and Gardens.

kitchen sink organization ideas

I like a very clean kitchen, and when I’m cooking, I try to clean as I go – Katie Lee

#5 Make a sliding cabinet under your sink

You can remodel the cabinet under your sink with this idea. it’s easier to pick up the cleaning stuff via Go DIY Go.

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kitchen sink organization ideas

#6 Use a tension rod to hold baskets for cleaning solutions

One of the best kitchen sink organization ideas is to use a tension rod if you have a lot of stuff to put under your sink.

You can buy adjustable tension rod to hold wire baskets just like the picture below via The Crafting Nook.

kitchen sink organization ideas

#7 Use an under the shelf basket to hold wire baskets

I love under the shelf basket! I use this basket to store all of my mugs plus it’s easier to reach.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

But you also can use this under the shelf basket under your sink!

You can definitely check out Crafts a la Mode for step by step tutorial on what to use and how to makeover under your sink.

kitchen sink organization ideas

#8 Use stackable containers

If you want to divide sections under your sink, instead of making a cabinet, you can use stackable containers via The Orderly Home.

kitchen sink organization ideas

#9 Use an under sink shelf

You can buy this under sink shelf if you want a more organized look for your sink.

The good thing about this shelf is that you don’t have to clean debris under the sink because you can just wipe your shelf to clean it.

kitchen sink organization ideas

The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family – Mario Batali

#10 Use a hanging wire basket on your cabinet door

Keep your sink counter clean with this idea. Store your dish soap and sponge on this hanging wire basket via Mommy Suite.

kitchen sink organization ideas

Or you can use a hanging sink caddy like this.

kitchen sink organization ideas

#11 Use an over the sink shelf to dry your dish plates and glasses before storing in the cabinet

I love to use a rack to dry up my dish plates and glasses before storing it to a cabinet.

I simply don’t have time to wipe it one by one, so I just leave it dry for a moment on the dish dryer shelf and then come back to store it in the cabinet.

kitchen sink organization ideas

#12 Use over the sink basket for small space

If you have two bowl sink and a small space counter, then you can use this adjustable over the sink basket to dry the dish plates and glasses like I said before.

This rack also can be used to dry up your vegetables and fruit before storing it in the fridge or the counter.
kitchen sink organization ideas

And here you go! I really hope you loved these kitchen sink organization ideas.

Please comment and share your own ideas to help others as well.

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