12 Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewellery Trays

These easy and beautiful DIY jewelry trays will definitely make you want to try it!

We all know that we never have enough trays for our jewelry. Especially when you always wear small jewelry, sometimes it’s missing if we don’t put it in a secure place. These DIY jewelry trays that I’m going to share with you are a PERFECT solution for that!

Truth to be told is that I love, love, love tiny jewelry. Tiny earrings or rings are my favorite things to wear daily when I need to go out. The problem with tiny jewelry is it will be missed easily if I don’t put it in a secure place like a small tray.

How many times I counted on the missing jewelry and it really makes me stressed (although it’s not real gold, I do really love it!). So, I bet that you also feel the same when it happened to you.

I found these 12 DIY jewelry trays that are easy to make so that you can put this anywhere you like such as in the bathroom near the sink or even bedroom. I always have a small tray for my jewelry in my bathroom just in case I want to go shower and I forget to remove my earrings. Having a small tray really helps me organize my jewelry well.

Without further talk, here are some of the DIY jewelry trays I found that’s easy to make and it’s ultra beautiful! 🙂

#1 DIY Blue and Pink Tray

This is the exact thing that I found on an online website that selling DIY stuff. I found it very helpful because they’ll tell you exactly what you need to have in order to make this DIY jewelry tray. Or if you want to make it on your own at least you already know what you need to have to make this tray. Check out this DIY on Plaid Online.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#2 DIY Mirrored Gold Hexagon Tray

I love how simple and elegant this tray is! The gold mirrored finish is stunning and it paired well with a white tray. It’s a super easy tutorial that you can follow from Homey Oh My.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#3 Marbled Jewelry Tray

I just found out that you can make a lot of stuff from clay and a jewelry tray is one of them. The tutorial is very detailed and you can definitely follow it even if you are a beginner.

The material is not expensive but the result looks so expensive that you can actually sell it 😆 via Brit + Co

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#4 DIY Washi Tape Jewelry Trays

If you found a tray that is plain white then you can decorate it with washi tape. There’s a lot of DIY you can do with washi tape because it’s super cute and easy to incorporate!  You just need to tape it and that’s it. You’ll get a beautiful tray! You can check out the tutorial on Craft Gawker.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#5 DIY Leather Jewelry Dish

Who knows that you can make a jewelry dish out of leather? Well, I don’t. This is the first time I know about this and it really blows my mind when I first saw it. It’s simple to make and you can also change the leather to a thick fabric and follow the same tutorial from A Pair and A Spare DIY.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#6 DIY Jewelry Tray using Old Scarves

Do you have old scarves that you don’t use anymore? Then this repurposes DIY is for you! What you need is so simple, an old scarf, Mod Podge, and a tray. You can do this for yourself or even better, do this as a gift for Mother’s Day! via Hello Glow.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#7 Mini Jewelry Dish with a Box Lid

Make your own jewelry dish with a box lid via Paper and Stitch Blog.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#8 DIY Confetti Tray

I really love the combination color of this DIY confetti Tray! This DIY is easy to make and you’ll get a very pretty result in the end. Who knows that you make this by yourself and not buying it from a store? Well, I won’t. This also could be a perfect gift idea for your loved ones! Check the full tutorial on Delineate Your Dwelling.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#9 DIY Tiered Jewelry Tray from Dollar Store Finds

Who doesn’t love a cheap DIY idea? You can make this with the items from a dollar store and you’ll get 3 tiered jewelry tray! Wanna know how to make this beautiful tray? Check out the tutorial via The Happy Housie Porch.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#10 DIY Upcycled Thrift Store Finds

When you know how this tray made of. You don’t need to buy an expensive tray from stores. Instead, you can buy a tray from a thrift store and give it your own twist like these trays. It’s so plain before but now it’s pretty and colorful. I especially love the color combination! via Jennifer Rizzo.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#11 Easy Thrift Store DIY Jewelry Organizer

Another thrift store DIY! This one has a lot of places to put all kinds of jewelry. You can easily do this in your free time and it will finish in a minute! via Brepea.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

#12 Gold Glitter Jewelry Dish

Do you love glitter? Then this is perfect for you! Who doesn’t like expensive stuff when you just need to spend a little to make it? Well, I do! This DIY is super easy and you can follow the tutorial via A Beautiful Mess.

Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Jewelry Tray

What I love about these DIYs is that you can do all of these projects on the weekend if you don’t have anything to do. It’s definitely going to be a FUN thing to do!

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