10 Genius Work At Home Office Ideas To Inspire You

2020 has been a life-changer for everybody.

From people wearing masks or applying social distancing due to health risks, the pandemic has inevitably changed our lives.

I have been measuring my every move to think about whether it is safe to do this or that to ensure the safety of my family. Nothing is more important and it should be for you too.

The new normal now for many of us is to work from home, to avoid any super spreading risks at the office. 

Anyways, until the situation is resolved, we’re stuck at home and have to work from our home desk and solve workplace issues.

To be honest, nobody was prepared to stay at home for so long, and sometimes the workspace that we have kinda…. sucked, to say the least, as we did not put too much attention to it.

But now, it is the right time to do something about it and making your workspace as enjoyable as possible to keep you motivated!

I found 10 great YouTubers who designed smart workspaces at home, which have been a great inspiration to me and I hope to you as well.

Here are my 10 genius home workspace ideas to inspire you!

#1 Kristen’s Small Home Office

Who said that you need a big space to create a work office at home?

Watch Kristen’s smart video on how to set up a little corner workstation in her bedroom.

I’ll give her a thumbs up for mixing functionality and aesthetics to achieve an enjoyable and comfortable workspace at home.


#2 Wayna’s Affordable Desk Setup

With more space and flexibility, Wayna applied simple and functional ideas to create a cozy and cool workspace.

Buying from Dollar tree, Amazon, and others, she can decorate and organize her stuff, all at affordable prices.

Living in a struggling economy right now, I love her creations which won’t break your bank account.

#3 Erin’s Tech Station

From the land down under, Erin gives us an insight into her workspace and how she organizes all of her tech gadgets.

It is definitely a no-nonsense setup with her wooden drawer, keeping her highlighters and all cables and adapters to connect her tech.

Watch out for her cute ‘fake’ dog, which I’d love to have.

#4 Lucie’s Stylish Work Space

Having the help of her mum being an interior designer, Lucie created a stylish and colorful space.

The first thing I really loved is the inclusion of wedding and family photos because of course, family matters.

Having colored crystals, rocks and paintings makes a dazzling eye-popping atmosphere but still keeping everything functional.

This is what it’s like mixing style with substance.

#5 Jessica’s Bright Home Desk

Jessica has an organized workstation with a simple essential oil diffuser, lamp, journals, and stationary.

The office table’s easy electric elevation system enables it to move up or down, making it more comfortable for you at home.

It is a simple, bright, and uncluttered desk to work at home. Easy Peasy!

#6 Tiffany’s Budget-Friendly Home Office

I’m all about inspiration and how the décor in your work station can inspire me to motivate me every day.

The backdrop wallpaper brightens up the space and the diamond-shaped shelf is a highlight for me.

Tiffany’s use of rose gold paint will give a stylish and precious look overall, at a budget-friendly price.

#7 Belinda’s Dream Home Office

If you have plenty of space at home, have a look at Belinda’s take on her work office.

She buys the majority of her furniture at IKEA and you can feel the white and gold color scheme all around.

Using the space available, Belinda skillfully organizes all her accessories and even accommodates her 2 doggies inside. Super cute!

#8 Ciara’s Chic Office Space

Nothing is more cuter than a pink colored scheme work space and Ciara herself admits she’s obsessed with pink.

Interestingly, she separates her Youtuber work from her regular job by having two work spaces, which keeps her focused on the tasks ahead.

I am considering her Google Home Hub as my next buy as I found it super useful and convenient.

I absolutely love her vanity table setup with the makeup accessories well organized and the lights control using Home Hub.

#9 Vivi’s Fancy n’ Chic Home Office

Being a lifestyle influencer, Vivi turns her workspace into a chic home office with the gold and rose color scheme popping everywhere.

And the best is that Vivi didn’t need to break the bank to render her office space so fancy.

Her office is so different from conventional ones and gives an almost glamour atmosphere overall.

If you want functionality, you should skip this but if you’re into the lifestyle and need a mood room/office, this is the best of both.

#10 Jordy’s Office Space Makeover

I really love Jordy’s makeover of her home office with a refreshing wood and lush greenery look.

Her pegboard enables to neatly organize and hold so much stuff and merges with the wood color scheme.

The table’s electric elevation system allows Jordy to work either standing or sitting, which gives her more freedom.

One of my best refreshing and enjoyable take on the home office space. Period.

I hope you loved these amazing work from home office setups and transform your living space into a productive workspace.

I would love to hear about your own office setup at home in the comments section.

Keep well and stay safe.

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