Inspiring Self-Care Bullet Journal Spreads

Looking for some inspiring self-care bullet journal spreads? You are in the right place!

Not everyone understands the real meaning of self-care. And it usually comes last on people’s priorities. As life gets busy, people finding hard to find reasons to take care of themselves. This is happening before the pandemic. 

As we all know, we have much more time to spend at home either alone or with families. That’s why it’s good to have self-care moments during these times. For you bujo lovers out there, here are some ideas for your self-care journal. We hope these spreads can inspire you to reflect on yourself and set new goals for the future! 

Let’s jump into it!

1. Self-care bingo.

Source: ayleys.bujo

2. Things that you love about yourself. Yes, we need to be reminded!

Source: mashaplans

3. Chase away your anxiety with a couple of things that you’d like to do.

Source: planningwithbumble

4.List things of who you are, what you can do, will do, and what you’ve done. 

Source: archerandolive

5. Self-care menu.

Source: weheartit

6. Self-care to-do list.

Source: pinterest

 7. Coffee-themed mood tracker.

Source: bujowithpau

8. Compile songs that you’d like to hear when you want to relax or having a bad day.

Source: sunshine_journal_

9. Highlights of the day!

Source: artofchayo

10. Setup a morning routine for a productivity day.

Source: thepetiteplanner

11. Sleep Tracker.

Source: thedotsandgrids

12. Habit tracker in a monthly calendar format.


13. Setting up your own personal goals.

Source: reddit

14. Positivity Notes.

Source: mashaplans

15. Monthly review.

Source: jashiicorrin

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