15 Mind-Blowing Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

We can all agree that having an organized house will make your mind peaceful, especially if you love tidiness like me.

I just can’t stand seeing things being thrown here and there by my hubby in the house.

As a rule, I will always arrange everything that serves more or less the same purpose and after use, return it to where it belongs.

Allocating space to organize and store my stuff is good as well because it will be easier to look at and find something you need.

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#1 Having a command center

Having a command center near your kitchen could be the best thing ever.

Start your morning in the kitchen and you can see what task you need to do via At Charlotte’s House.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#2 Add storage shelves

Have you ever confused about where to put all of your cookbooks?

You definitely need a place where you can reach it soon without having it all over the place.

This storage shelf is a solution for that! via The 2 Seasons

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#3 Put a baking measurement in your cupboard

Having these measurements in your cupboard really helps you a lot.

You don’t need to do go back and forth because you just need to open your cupboard and voila! Buy one for yourself here.Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#4 Put an over the door caddy in your cupboard

Do you have a small space kitchen and your stuff seems all over the place? Organize it with an over the cabinet kitchen organizer

#5 Use a clipper to store all of your spice, dip, and sauce packets

This is one of the most genius organization ideas you can do to declutter your kitchen cabinet.

Combine command hooks and binder clips then you’ll get this!

This is perfect if you only have a small space in your pantry or cupboard via One Good Thing By Jillee

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#6 Use an under shelf rack for maximum storage

You can use an undershelf rack like this in your cupboard to put all of your wrappers or you can do it like me.

I don’t have a cupboard, so I made a shelf and added an under-shelf rack for all of my mugs plus hooks for all the measure cups!

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#7 A towel rack for pan lids

You’ll love this idea if you need to save some space in your kitchen.

Just install a towel rack and it’s easier to reach the lids when you’re cooking via Hip 2 Save.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#8 Use a wire basket or paper organizers to store all your cutting board

Do your cutting boards lay on the table unorganized?

You can do this to keep your cutting boards clean and organized at the same time with a wire basket! via Better Homes and Gardens.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#9 Using a wire cabinet to store your wrappers

This is another idea you can do with a wire cabinet!

Put together all of your wrappers so they won’t be leaving a mess everywhere.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#10 Add extra cabinet

Get the most out of a narrow space with a pull-out cabinet, like this one from Home Depot.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#11 Use stackable wire baskets to store all of your fresh vegetables and fruits

Keep your vegetables fresh with stackable wire baskets. You can put these in your pantry or cupboard via HGTV.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#12 Use a metal rack to organize all of your baking sheets

You don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to look for baking sheets because you’ll have everything organized from small baking sheets until the big ones with this metal rack via Driven by Decor.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#13 Use a pan organizer rack

This simple pan organizer rack not only saves space but also makes it easier to find and remove the pan you need via Listotic.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

#14 Use a Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

This type of stackable organizer will help you to organize better inside your kitchen cabinet whether they’re plates, mugs or even your cooking ingredients.

Super handy to add more space in your kitchen cabinet!

hacks to organized kitchen cabinet organization ideas

#15 Plate Organizer

I don’t know about you but I prefer to stack my plates all lined up, so it’s easier to take instead of stacking them up.

If you have a special space for your plates, this organizer is great for that. 

And voila! I hope you loved the kitchen cabinet organization ideas, which will make your kitchen tidier! 

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hacks to organized kitchen cabinet organization ideas

10 thoughts on “15 Mind-Blowing Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

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  • January, 2019 at 1:36 AM

    What Great Ideas!!! These are some of the best kitchen organization ideas I’ve come across.

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  • August, 2018 at 10:11 AM

    FYI – Potatoes and onions should NOT be stored next to each other. One makes the other rot faster. They should be at least a couple of feet apart from each other. I’m sure they were placed next to each other just for the photo, but not everyone knows this. I had to learn from experience 20 plus years ago.

  • August, 2018 at 6:37 AM

    The pinned picture for this post is of water bottles stored in some type of storage system, but I don’t see it mentioned in the post. Can you tell me what the compartmental system is that is being used to store the water bottles in the cabinet? Thanks!

  • August, 2018 at 6:11 PM

    I am a very organized person as well. I have to have a place for everything. I have found that since I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff it’s a lot easier To keep things neat. It’s easier living with less. I have purged just about every area of my house

  • July, 2018 at 11:08 PM

    Thanks for your idea, Lisa! Will try adding the cork 🙂

  • July, 2018 at 9:09 PM

    Word to the wise about hanging your measuring cups on the inside of a cabinet. They rattle and make lots of noise, so consider installing some cork or felt behind them to minimize the noise. I have a small kitchen, so I open the cupboardwith the measuring cups all the time. The noise was driving me crazy, until I installed the cork.

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