10 Must-Try DIY Travel Journal Ideas

These DIY Travel Journal Ideas is a Must Try for Travel Junkie

DIY has the only thing that I love doing and I can say that it’s my passion also. I love to share ideas for DIY and Craft Ideas which to express the creative side of me.

Although I can say that I’m not a very creative person but I love to do DIY because I love the accomplishment feel that I get after finishing one DIY project.

The reason I share this DIY travel journal ideas is that we all love to travel, right? well, who doesn’t?  That’s why having a travel journal is a must for travel junkie who travels often and to many places.

A travel journal is something that can help you during travel i.e packing list or map tracker and you can keep it as a memento for later.

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And also because I’m a frugal housewife, I found out by doing DIY projects is much cheaper rather than having to buy something that’s already ready. You can customize based on your preference or even better, you can do it everything by yourself.

So, I’m not going to talk more, here are some ideas you can use to make your own travel journal!

#1 Travel Bucket List

Instead of doing a life bucket list, you can change it to a travel bucket list where you write all the places you want to go. This will keep your focus on the travel goals! via Abbeysy.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas

#2 Make a Packing List

Prepare your travel with these packing list ideas. Check when you already pack it, easy like that via thystudies.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas

#3 Map Tracker

I love how you can mark where you’ve gone to. This motivates you to travel more via Bad with Directions.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas

#4 Attached your Polaroid photos you take each day

Make a journal for each day and attached the photos would definitely bring back those memories via Archzine.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas

#5 Draw your journal

The most creative ways for you to keep a travel journal is by drawing all the places that you’ve visited. This will definitely bring the art side of you! via Behance.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas

#6 Keep your itinerary in your journal

Clip all the information for you to do in one day such as maps and schedule to do. It helps to organize while you’re traveling via Archzine.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas

#7 Keep every ticket to every place you’ve visited

Traveling a lot with trains or buses? Why not keep all the tickets and pin it on the place you’ve visited i.e you can take a Polaroid picture of the place you’ve visited and then put it together with the transportation tickets. This is a good method to know how much it cost to go there via lihaopaper.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas


#8 Put an envelope in the journal to keep all the stickers or travel expenses.

Too many receipts and you want something to keep it together then having an envelope is the best thing you can add to your travel journal. This also to make sure the receipts won’t lost via laural1601. You can find the same pocket like this here or here.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas

#9 Glued all the receipts, name cards, tickets to a book map

If you are not a writer then this idea is perfect for you. Too busy to write? why not just glued everything from your travel to a book map. Some airlines allow you to bring home a magazine and you can use that to keep all the travel expenses.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas

#10 Keep a journal for each trip or country you have traveled

This method is perfect when you travel for a certain period of time such as 1 month or more. You can actually keep all the memories in one journal book. This is a perfect memento for each place you’ve visited via Instagram.

DIY Travel Journal Ideas

What do you think about this travel journal ideas? Do you want to try this to keep your travel memories? Let me know and leave a comment down below!

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11 thoughts on “10 Must-Try DIY Travel Journal Ideas

  • These are excellently creative ideas. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  • I have been visiting your blog for awhile now. I find that it is interesting and well-researched. Keep up the good writing!

  • Thanks, Samantha! I always wanted to keep my traveling memories also that’s why I want to share this DIY tips!

  • Thanks, Nicole! Glad it can help you 🙂 Your idea is too great to keep so I want to share it!

  • I love these ideas. I will start some of them in my Bullet Journal starting with the bucket list!

  • All of these are amazing ideas! I always keep track of my ticket stubs but I have them all mixed up in a box. Maybe I’ll take some tips from #7 and #9! Thanks for including me by the way 🙂

    Nicole | Bad with Directions

  • Love these great ideas. I have done some scrap booking of places I have been, but got too busy. Now I just keep a journal of the dates, places we stayed, things we did, etc. I love to write so this works great for me. However, I love some of the ideas on this post and may try some of them out. Especially as we try to travel more. Definitely want to keep those wonderful memories alive. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great ideas for keeping up with all your travel. I especially love the idea of holding on to all your tickets.

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