17 Inspiring DIY Fall Table Decorations

During a seasonal time like this, inspirations will be everywhere. For Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and especially Christmas. This time I want to share some of DIY Fall table decorations for your home!

If you see some of my posts before, I am a sucker for DIY. Since my husband bought me a sewing machine. I found myself that I am a die-hard fan of DIY because every time I need to relax. I always sew some random stuff — random means clothes and pouches.

While sewing last time, I am intrigued to make a table runner for my dining table because I never have one. Some stores may have sold it but it looks cheap. So I tried to look for some inspirations and see what kind of table runners I can make for a beginner like me.

Here’s the thing why I LOVE DIY. Anyone can make any type of DIY! Make an expensive-looking DIY without having to spend a lot of money.

Back to the table, while looking for table runners. I happen to see there’s a lot of beautiful DIY table decorations everywhere and I found a bunch of great stuff.

For your information, all these DIY Fall table decorations are not super hard to make. I’m making sure that even a non-DIYers can make this anytime they want. That is the beauty of DIY because you can make things based on whatever level you are.

So, get your hands ready and let’s start this!


#1 Neutral and Copper Table Centerpiece

I love, love, love the color combination for this table decorations. It’s a perfect farmhouse decor ideas. Check out how to make this neutral and copper table centerpiece.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#2 Buffalo Check Mason Jar Vases

You don’t have to be an artist or expert crafter to make this Buffalo check mason jar vases.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#3 DIY 3-Tiered Baskets

This is the easiest and most stunning centerpiece that won’t cost you a lot of dimes. Perfect for last-minute DIY for your house too. Make this DIY tiered baskets as a fun activity you can do with your kids.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#4 Minimalist Table Centerpiece

If you like a clean an neutral look. You definitely love this centerpiece idea. Most important is it isn’t hard to make this Fall table decoration.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#5 Mason Jar Firefly Lanterns

You have no ideas how easy it is to make this Mason Jar Firefly Lanterns. No flammable and kids-friendly!

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#6 Flowery Pumpkin Table Centerpiece

Okay, even though the instruction site of this flowery pumpkin table centerpiece is not in English. You still can follow their step by step clearly.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#7 Flower Vase with Pumpkin

This beautiful flower vase with pumpkin is super easy to make. If you want a simple table centerpiece on your dining table or living room. This is perfect for that! Just remember to use a fake pumpkin to soak in the water. Less messy for you!

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#8 Pumpkin Vase

Forget the regular flower vase and try to make this Pumpkin Vase. Grab your guest’s attention right away!

DIY Fall Table Decorations


#9 Pumpkin Table Name

One pumpkin for one name. This is the simplest and easiest table name setting ever.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#10 Fall Tablescape

When Fall is here, you will be in a sweater weather. Those things are what inspired Dawn to create this Fall tablescape on a beautiful crisp fall day. Love the combination color!

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#11 Herringbone table runner

You can make anything for your table runner just like this Herringbone Table Runner. Make one for your home.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#12 DIY Napkin Ring

Try to make this DIY napkin ring only by adding some craft supplies will make your table setting look fabulous.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#13 DIY Place Cards

These DIY place cards are fun, inexpensive and super easy. It can be changed up for other special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#14 Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

These beautiful thanksgiving napkin rings are easy, fast and budget-friendly!

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#15 Kraft Paper Table Runner

This is a genius idea! Love how easy yet minimalist this Kraft Paper Table Runner look.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#16 Checkered Table Runner

Who knows a checkered table runner would be a great pair with pumpkin decorations? You can definitely feel Fall vibes with this table setting.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

#17 Rustic and Neutral Table Setting

This rustic and neutral table setting is great for Fall and Thanksgiving setting.

DIY Fall Table Decorations

I hope these DIY Fall table decorations can inspire you to make your dining table beautiful! Leave a comment down below what do you think about these DIYs? If you have tried some before, let me know your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

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DIY Fall Table Decorations

DIY Fall Table Decorations
DIY Fall Table Decorations

See ya on the other side ๐Ÿ™‚

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