25 Ultimate Bathroom Organization Ideas To Try

We all have been in a situation where the bathroom counter is stuffed with so many things and we can’t find a single hair tie. That’s why we found some bathroom organization ideas that we hope could inspire you as well!

I don’t know about you but my bathroom does not have a counter or space to put all of my makeup or other toiletries.

We only have one cabinet/mirror and it’ll take all the space if I decided to put my makeup there. 

All of the ideas that we’re going to show you are space-saving ways that’ll leave you more room to put other stuff on your counter or cabinet in the bathroom.

You’ll end up finding many “lost” hair ties and have more time to focus on more important matters!

It’s a win-win solution! Who doesn’t want that?

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#1 Under the sink rack 

This could be your solution rather than buying a cabinet.

bathroom organization ideas

Source here.

#2 Use a 3-tiered basket 

Store all your bathroom necessities in this basket and you won’t have to look anywhere else. All in one place which is convenient!

bathroom organization ideas

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#3 Over the toilet cabinet 

A great way to store your extra tissues, aromatic for your bathroom and hand towels. Purchase one for yourself here. 

bathroom organization ideas

#4 Pads and Tampons Organizer

bathroom organization ideas

#5 Hanging shelves

A helpful organization idea is this lot of hanging shelves, which will help you make space for your stuff.

Since it’s an open space, you can see every supply you have.

bathroom organization ideas

#6 Hairdryer organizer

If you have a 2 door cabinet, you can use that to make some space for your hair product or hair styling items. 

One door to hang your hair styling items and the other for your hair styling products. Buy one here and here.

#7 Wall cabinet with hanger

This wall cabinet with a hanger is another great idea so that you don’t have to worry about where to hang your hand towel. 

bathroom organization ideas

#8 Makeup organizer

This is the perfect makeup storage I’ve found so far.

You can store your regular cosmetic or skincare here without looking around too much.

Great for bathroom countertop. Get one for yourself here

bathroom organization ideas

#9 Organize your closet

Do you have a dedicated closet in your bathroom? Try to follow these tips on how to organize it like this.

organizing bathroom

#10  Shower Caddy

What if that you have this huge shower caddy that you don’t need to drill for shelves? Purchase one here

bathroom organization ideas

#11 Hang towel behind the door

Make some space for your towel!

Source here

#12 Mini Basket 

Okay. This organization idea can be used for your toilet as well.

You can store the tissues and aromatic sprayers and other stuff.

Just make sure you have a side flush handle or it will be on the way of a top flush button. Get it here.

#13 Drawer divider

Don’t you feel frustrated when you can’t find the perfect divider for your drawer? It’s either too much space left or either way.

The problem is that not all dividers are perfectly fit for your drawer!

Your solution? Make one for yourself! Follow the tutorial here

#14 Tissue holder with basket

What if you can get the best of both?! Buy one for yourself here.

bathroom organization ideas

#15 Organize the under the sink cabinet 

See how she does it turning from this mess…

into this!

Source here

With every bathroom renovation, there are three areas that I focus on: budget, function and style – Candice Olson

#16 Stackable Drawer Divider

What happens if you have more space on your drawer?

A clear stackable divider will help you get stuff you want without having to scavenge your drawer. Purchase one here.

#17 Use the extendable rod to hang some basket 

A great bathroom organization idea for your dorm room bathroom or for a big family. 

Source here

#18 Free-standing drawer

When you don’t know what to do with space under your sink, just purchase some of these free-standing drawers.

Source here

#19 Name and divide the toiletries

This is a great idea for a big family! No one has to fight for it.

Source here

#20 Hair elastics and bobby pins jar

Never lose your favorite scrunchies ever again. Buy it here

#21 Use the extra space beside your toilet

Have you wondered why we never use that extra space? Me too!

Try putting a small rack like this and that’s it! You get extra storage space and makes your toilet look amazing!

bathroom organization ideas

#22 Tall Bamboo Rack 

It is multifunctional, non-toxic, and Eco-friendly. Purchase it here

#23 Ikea Raskog cart

There is no limit to use this cart! Get the full tips for organizing your bathroom here.

#24 Use stick-on pods

Perfect to organize your medicine cabinet.

bathroom organization ideas

Source here

#25 On-the-wall wire basket

Source here

Some of these organizational ideas could work on small-spaced bathrooms in an apartment or you just want more space in your bathroom.

We do hope these could inspire you to better organize your bathroom and let us know in the comments what other organization ideas you’ll like to know more!

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